Case 3

This is a successful entrepreneur in the United States. He has very rich experience in making jewelry in the United States, and has his own unique way of bringing goods to sell. She is very sensitive to the beauty market. DIY LASHES is the latest eyelash in the eyelash market. It can make beauty simple and customers can easily wear it at home. With this selling point, she wants to expand her brand to do Segmented lashes.
At first we met in Alibaba, but because the customer was too busy and never responded to the message, and we adhered to the tenet of customer first, we insisted on trying to contact, and finally dialed the customer’s phone number. In the video, I show the products of diy lashes and the beautiful custom packaging box. The customer is very satisfied with my explanation and recommendation, and is grateful that I can introduce her to her in the way of video. No other supplier has used this method before.
The customer’s demand is 1000 sets of boxes, favorable price, and fast delivery, for which we can fully meet. I have made several quotations for the customer. The customer has been weighing, but considering that her event is only 10 days away, I want to buy 100 sets and try it first. In order to help the customer, we expedited the order, and the shortest time is 7 days. Let the customer receive the goods.
In two weeks, the customer gave feedback that the feedback from diy kits was very good, and then we started the plan for large-scale orders. The customer is very business-minded and knows to prepare inventory in advance according to their own sales capabilities. After the quotation, we successfully placed an order for 5,000 sets of boxes.
What this story wants to tell everyone is that as long as you are forward-looking enough, sensitive to the eyelash market and willing to try new products or expand your product line, you will definitely seize the opportunity and make your business more and more successful.