Eyelash Factory

We are a supplier specializing in eyelash production and research and development. With 18 years of experience in the industry, we are more professional and supportive than new eyelash factories. We meet your onestop procurement needs and what kind of customized research and development needs. Our current product lines include hanging molds, chemical fibers, boxes, etc. With us you will quickly develop and grow your eyelash business.

Case 1

My client is from New Zealand, she was very polite when she met me for the first time, she was a very beautiful girl, she wanted to do a segmented lashes business,this product was very new at that time, especially in New Zealand

Case 2

This is a Latvian client from Alibaba platform. We communicate on whatsapp. There are not many brands doing diy lashes in Latvia yet, but my client found it’s a good business opportunity.He saw that the brands selling diy lashes products in Latvian were often out of stock,

Case 3

This is a successful entrepreneur in the United States. He has very rich experience in making jewelry in the United States, and has his own unique way of bringing goods to sell. She is very sensitive to the beauty market.

Case 4

This is about one of my European customers, from communication then sample test and bulk order. We talked a lot about the segmented lashes, but eventually, we figure out all the problems and successfully help him launch the kits in time.