Case 4

Customer service process

This is about one of my European customers, from communication then sample test and bulk order. We talked a lot about the segmented lashes, but eventually, we figure out all the problems and successfully help him launch the kits in time.
the first time I received his inquiry from Alibaba, the requirement is very comprehensive, he and his team are trying to launch segmented lashes for their business as a new arrival and new brand.
acturally his company is already a top brand for strip lashes in the EU, but their sense of business and attitude to the quality of the product is impressive.
in view of the customer having high standards on lashes and accessories, and also need special customer service. so we confirm lash styles and details quickly. the quality of the sample will equal to the bulk order, so I immediately arrange the order and make custom sam we might face all kinds of difficulties during the cooperation. at the same day we finish the sample and plan to send out, our city’s express stop because coivd influenced and based on government policy we can not use experss
in view of nobody knowing when the press can back to work, we decide to remake the custom sample from our another production line in another city and send out directly. we put customers on first, so even though there is an extra cost we would like to cover it.
after the new sample did, we send it out by DHL the fastest but more expensive express method. Fortunately, the deliver is very fast only takes 3days!
and better is we beat the other 4 suppliers and win the order, good things take time, but all worth it
and the real task just begin, custom packages and details of the size and all the accessories and lash styles, have to push me and do it perfect
but it’s all worth it after the customer receive the order and is happy with it