Name Price Reuse Last Long Moq Curl Lengh Private Label Customization Delivery Time Payment Method
Air lashes $1.50 2-3 times 5-7 days 100 C/D 10-15mm Yes Yes 5-7 days TT

This is ZMLashee. As a lash factory, we have over a decade experience in this field,

AIR LASHES—Our new arrival in 2023 is a game changer, will let you win the market.

1. Super thin & Elastic band,0-G extra soft—prefect wearing experience
2. Comes in FULL, 3/4,1/2 3 sizes +Cut and wear it in anyway you can imagine
3. Extremely light weight, flexible and comfortable
4. No folded band, no open corners, try our glue and bond for better experiemce

Lots in stock. Please contact me for more information of NEW product air lash

AMAZON LASHES—Popular and hot selling on Amazon

1. Very Cost effective
2. Best seller on Amazon
3. Super thin and soft band
4. Short production time for small order
5. 50+ style avaliable:cateyes,openeyes,even CUSTOMIZED own length

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